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What will be the new norm in supplement branding? Nutri-Rich offers a hint

Branding: Nutri-Rich transforms from mom-and-pop to minimalist

Nutri-Rich’s major rebranding effort—from packaging to formulation to transparency measures—gives hints to the future new norms of the nutraceutical industry.

Are there opportunities for the food industry to use genetic population information to target product development, marketing and dietary advice? ©iStock

FOODVISION: DNA testing just ‘one part of the jigsaw’

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Herbal supplements all too often ignore underlying principles, experts say

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Day Two link with Johnson & Johnson on personalised microbiome analysis for diabetes nutrition

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Heart health benefits of pomegranate may be personal: Study

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What’s on NutraIngredients-USA's 2017 Editorial Calendar?

DNAFit: 'We report on 45-50 of the most researched gene variants that have a link to exercise or nutrition response.'

Personalised sports nutrition gains another player

“Our goal is to deliver personalized, actionable, evidence-based recommendations at a reasonable price" - Dr Erika Gray, PharmD, founder and chief medical officer

Toolbox Genomics secures funding, to start beta testing

Through Care/of, consumers can get a pouch of supplements recommended to them based on a questionnaire response, and each pouch has the user's name printed on it.

Riding on personalized nutrition wave, Care/of co-founders want to streamline the supplement shopping experience

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Dr David Katz: ‘Lifestyle is the most potent medicine we have’

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