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BASF teams up with InsideTracker for personalized nutrition & supplementation recommendations


BASF and Segterra have announced a collaboration for BASF’s health ingredients brand, Newtrition, to provide personalized nutrition and dietary supplementation recommendations and scientific support for Segterra’s InsideTracker.

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Market report shows growing trend toward integrative medicine

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Personalization cracks open can of worms in manufacturing operations, experts say


Push toward personalization will create new legal risks to manage, experts say

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With interest in wellbeing and longevity on the rise, the time has come for personalized nutrition, say experts

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Habit rolls out nationwide: The timing was right for us, says CSO

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Dr Jeff Bland: ‘Gene-based information is re-writing nutrition science in a way that is inconsistent with the current regulations’

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Personalised nutrition in Asia Pacific: 'Industry is now at a tipping point'

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13 personalized nutrition companies on the market today

Vitamin Packs goes down ‘influencer’ route to grow business

Personalized nutrition firm Vitamin Packs goes down ‘influencer’ route to grow business

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