A wake-up call: UNPA survey shows lack of consumer & market awareness of credible certification seals

So many seals, but do any of them mean anything to consumers?  Source: Loren Israelsen, UNPA

Eighty-one percent of responders to a recent UNPA survey think the dietary supplements industry would need a new quality seal if the industry had to move toward a single seal of quality, a result that should serve as a wake-up call to the existing and credible third-party certifiers.

GNC had to heavily discount many of its Vitapak condition specific multivitamin products because many of them were nearing their expiration dates.  GNC photo

Discounting to clear unexpected multivitamin inventory bulge hurts GNC's Q1 results

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April 2016 NEWS QUIZ: Are you up to speed with the latest supplement industry news?

The findings represent microbiota composition of the general population. Previous studies have focused on specific diseases or featured a significantly smaller geographical scope. (© iStock.com)

Gut flora composition linked to health, diet, and lifestyle, pioneering population study reveals


Vitamin Angels boosts efforts in Indonesia with MOU

The pyramid of evidence-based medicine. The evidence strength increases as you go up.

Something smells fishy: Why the media silence over the blood pressure benefits of omega-3s?


AHPA adopts new labeling guidance for ‘alcohol-removed’ liquid herbal products

Black raspberry has long been used in traditional alternative medicine in Korea because of its potential to improve vascular function. © iStock.com / jatrax

Eating black raspberries may decrease heart disease risk: Study

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How IRI scan data show UC-II can drive joint health supplement growth


The top picks from the education sessions at the Healthy & Natural Show

The top picks from the education sessions at the Healthy & Natural Show


Whey is clear answer in sports nutrition, expert asserts


After a bleak couple of years, omega-3 sales are back in the black

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Fruit d'Or puts cranberry probiotic into confection category

Fruit d'Or to highlight cranberry probiotic in confection prototype at Healthy & Natural Show

US Pharmacopeial Convention joins UNPA

US Pharmacopeial Convention joins UNPA

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GRAS process for evaluating ingredient safety threatens FDA’s mission, Sen. Markey argues

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CRN seeks tweaks to proposed Prop 65 changes

CRN seeks tweaks to proposed Prop 65 changes in bid to cut lawsuits off at the pass

Not to be swallowed... Image © iStockPhoto g215

ProbioTech’s citizen petition calls for probiotic suppository to be included in supplement definition

Caffeine. Image © iStockPhoto / makaule

CSPI makes second call to FDA for ban of high potency caffeine retail sales

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Plant-derived bacteria shows anti-obesity effects: RCT

Consumption ingredients such as phytosterols, omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and flavanols are known to exert beneficial effects on cardiovascular disease. (© iStock.com/Guido Verola)

Fish oil, cocoa & plant sterols: The winning combination against heart disease?

According to Salma et al, Calanus finmarchicus is “the most abundant crustacean in the North Atlantic Ocean with annual production of several hundred million tonnes. The total annual harvest amounts to less than 0.01% of the annual growth in accordance with regulations by Norwegian fisheries management.” Image: Uwe Kils

Study shows Calanus oil may benefit blood pressure and heart health

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Halal leader NoorVitamins launches fish oil

Halal leader NoorVitamins launches high potency fish oil to broaden value proposition

Inhalable vitamin product aimed at new category

Developers hope to enter new category with inhalable vitamin product


Convenience, concentrates, and 3rd generation forms: Where’s the innovation in the omega-3 space?

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People on the move – Spring 2016: Cyanotech, BGG, Cypress Systems, Prinova and more

People on the move – Spring 2016: Cyanotech, BGG, Cypress Systems, Prinova and more

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‘A step in the right direction’: USDA directed to consider funding multi-vitamins for WIC Program


Data confirms that DNA barcoding alone not suitable for finished dietary supplement products

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Harvard anti-supplements article called 'embarrasing'

Observers say Harvard anti-supplements article so poorly done as to be 'embarrassing'

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DNA barcoding is a critical part of improving the industry’s quality program, says NY AG’s office

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Enhanced curcumin shows endothelial benefits for healthy people: Study




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