"For endurance activities ... a combination of sodium products/solutions may be required," says ESSNA

Sports drinks aren’t enough to boost performance - salt may help: Research

05-Mar-2015 - Salt supplementation may improve exercise performance according to Spanish researchers – but health claims for sodium are still not authorised.

The macula is a yellow spot of about five millimeters diameter on the retina

Lutein/zeaxanthin may boost retinal sensitivity for people with early AMD: Long-term study

05-Mar-2015 - Two years of supplementation with lutein and zeaxanthin may boost macular pigment optical density (MPOD) and retinal sensitivity in people with early age-related macular degeneration (AMD), says a new study.

Co-encapsulated omega-3 fatty acids and probiotic bacteria could have benefits for consumers and manufactuers, new research has suggested.

Better together? Co-encapsulation study shows potential for stable omega-3 and probiotic mix

05-Mar-2015 - New research describing the stable co-encapsulation of omega-3 rich oil with probiotic bacteria could be a boon for manufacturers looking to incorporate the functional ingredients in to foods and supplements, say researchers.

Infant microbiome engineering: “The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation sees this call as an opportunity to leverage decades worth of progress in biotechnology..."

Bill Gates Foundation backs microbiome engineering to boost infant health

05-Mar-2015 - Gut microbiome engineering can reduce stunting and other infant health issues and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is funding research into the nascent area.

Nutrition 21 announces settlement of patent infringement lawsuit over Chromium Picolinate

Nutrition 21 announces settlement of patent infringement lawsuit over Chromium Picolinate

04-Mar-2015 - Nutrition 21 LLC and JDS Therapeutics LLC have entered into a confidential settlement and license agreement with Schwabe North America and Nature’s Way, thereby ending a patent infringement lawsuit involving the use of chromium picolinate.

FitLife Brands takes hit on unit prices but boosts profits by switching to captive GNC distribution

FitLife Brands takes hit on unit prices but boosts profits by switching to captive GNC distribution

04-Mar-2015 - Switching to a captive distribution mode within the GNC network has helped dietary supplements marketer FitLife Brands realize higher profits on flat revenue, the company announced recently.

Mannatech announces award of 100th patent

Mannatech announces award of 100th patent

04-Mar-2015 - Texas-based network marketing firm Mannatech announced recently that the company received its 100th patent, the latest in Korea on its PhytoMatrix all natural multivitamin and mineral dietary supplement formulation. 

Industrial hemp cultivation. Creative Commons image

Warning letters to CBD companies hinge on disease claims, sidestep issue of ingredient's legality

04-Mar-2015 - Four companies marketing dietary supplement products containing cannabidiol (CBD), a non-narcotic fraction of Cannabis sativa, received warning letters recently from the Food and Drug Administration.  But the letters said nothing about the status of CBD itself; rather, they concentrated on disease claims made on the products.

Practitioner channel specialist Xymogen continues strong growth curve, CEO says

Practitioner channel specialist Xymogen continues strong growth curve, CEO says

04-Mar-2015 - Xymogen, a dietary supplement manufacturer that specializing in the practitioner channel, has announced a growth milestone with $7 million in revenue realized in the month of January. The company said this is the third consecutive January in which it has hit a new revenue record.

Photo courtesy of Alkemist Labs

‘Raising the quality bar’: Alkemist Labs becomes US distributor of Extrasynthese phytochemical standards

04-Mar-2015 - Costa Mesa-based Alkemist Labs has expanded its reference material offerings to include phytochemical reference standards from France-based Extrasynthese.

Coffee shows type 2 diabetes promise

Daily coffee polyphenols can reduce diabetes risk, say Japanese researchers

04-Mar-2015 - Japanese researchers have found coffee polyphenols can reduce type 2 diabetes risk via an insulin-regulating intestinal peptide.

Steve Allen, new chairman of the board at Chromadex

Former Nestlé exec appointed chairman of ChromaDex

04-Mar-2015 - ChromaDex Corp. has appointed Steve Allen as the Chairman of its Board, and the company has also trimmed its board of directors from nine to seven.

Image credit: Richard Giddins, Creative Commons

Mussels for muscles: Green lipped mussel extract may ease muscle damage during exercise

03-Mar-2015 - Extracts from New Zealand green lipped mussels may reduce muscle soreness and fatigue after exercise and reduce markers of muscle damage, says a new study.

Sabinsa is vertically integrated with its supply in India of turmeric, the raw ingredient for curcumin.

Settlement on curcumin patent infringement just tip of the iceberg, Sabinsa says

03-Mar-2015 - Botanical ingredients supplier Sabinsa Corporation prides itself on its long list of patents and the history of innovation that represents. The company is making headway in defending that legacy in the curcumin sector with the announcement of the settlement of a suit against an Indian firm that Sabinsa claimed was infringing on its US patent on its Curcumin C3 Complex ingredient.

The functioning of our immune systems decreases as we age – age-associated immunosenescence – putting the elderly at increases risk of infection and other chronic disorders

Heat-killed bacteria may offer immune support for the elderly

03-Mar-2015 - Supplements containing heat-killed Lactobacillus gasseri TMC0356 bacteria may enhance the immune system of older people and protect them from infection, says a new study from Japan.

Nitrate-rich vegetables can regulate EPO levels, researchers have found

Vegetable EPO? Scientists investigate nitrate benefits for blood boosting

03-Mar-2015 - Dietary sources of nitrate may activate pathways in the liver and kidneys thus meeting oxygen requirements without increasing red blood cells or thickening blood, researchers have concluded.

'The likely costs of large scale high dose supplementation and concomitant monitoring would first need to be justified by evidence of benefit,' according to research

We shouldn’t recommend vitamin D supplements for chronic diseases: Researchers

03-Mar-2015 - Vitamin D should not be recommended to prevent chronic disease because such benefits have not been confirmed and adverse effects of over-consumption can’t be ruled out, according to a review.

New study adds to a growing body of evidence suggesting coffee consumption may reduce cardiovascular disease risk, say its authors

3-5 cups of coffee a day may help keep artery blockages away

03-Mar-2015 - People who consume between three to five cups of coffee a day may have a lower risk of coronary artery calcium build-up, which can lead to artery blockages, according to research published in the British Medical Journal’s publication Heart.

Earth Science Tech's hemp oil product.

Despite legal fuzziness, supplement companies crowd into CBD space

02-Mar-2015 - Despite the cloudy legal status of dietary supplements and functional food products featuring cannabidiol (CBD), which is extracted from industrial hemp, as the approval of medical marijuana and legalization of recreational use of the plant spreads across the US, companies are clamoring to bring CBD supplement products to market.

UNPA welcomes seven new associate members

UNPA welcomes seven new associate members

02-Mar-2015 - The United Natural Products Alliance has welcome seven new associate members, including two new founding associate members.