Life Extension’s Dr Michael Smith: ‘75% of Americans are taking supplements but they don’t know what they’re doing’

15-Apr-2014 - Between two-thirds and three quarters of Americans are taking supplements, but they need guidance about how they should be using supplements, says Michael Smith, MD, senior health scientist for Life Extension.

Iron supplements may boost female physical performance: Meta-analysis

15-Apr-2014 - Scientific evidence from 22 randomized controlled trials indicates that daily iron supplements may significantly boost exercise performance for women.

RFI Ingredients LLC joins UNPA as executive member in Colorado

15-Apr-2014 - Blauvelt, NY-based supply partner RFI Ingredients LLC is the latest company to join the swelling ranks of the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA), with the company joining as an executive member in Colorado.

Is dietary supplement use more prevalent than previously thought?

15-Apr-2014 - As many as 69% of American adults may be users of dietary supplements, with up to 53% being regular users, says a new review that gives greater numbers than those reported in National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES).

Quirky, cult-like, aspirational, but affordable: The rise and rise of Trader Joe’s

15-Apr-2014 - If you want to see what success looks like in US grocery retailing, look no further than Trader Joe’s. Its unique combination of affordable prices, innovative private label items and gourmet, organic, and natural foods have helped drive sales per square foot to a jaw-dropping $1,723 versus an industry average of $521 (even Whole Foods can only manage $973), according to Packaged Facts estimates.

Green and black tea blend may support urinary tract health for men: Kemin Study

14-Apr-2014 - Daily supplements containing extracts from a blend of green and black tea varieties may improve lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) and quality of life in men in as little as six weeks, says a new study.

Vitamin E tocotrienols show brain health benefits

14-Apr-2014 - Daily supplements of a natural full spectrum palm mixed tocotrienol complex may protect against the progression of white matter lesions in human brains, says a new study from Malaysia and the UK.

“We believe our products are like the ration box," says Easy Line.

Israeli firm targets military ration packs: 'We’ll sell to anybody'

14-Apr-2014 - Israeli company Easy Line says its products hold military ration pack potential, and it will be angling for export to any national military.

Herb Pharm rollouts aim for 'transitional natural consumers'

14-Apr-2014 - With the launch of three new herbal supplements headlined by such widely appealing ingredients as turmeric and ginger, Herb Pharm looks to broaden its consumer base beyond the so-called “lifestyles of health & sustainability” (LOHAS) consumer to the mass market.

Natural astaxanthin group’s questioning of synthetic astaxanthin quality met with strong DSM defense

11-Apr-2014 - The Natural Algae Astaxanthin Association (NAXA) has again questioned the quality and regulatory status of DSM’s synthetic astaxanthin ingredient, with new data reportedly showing ‘vastly inferior antioxidant potential’ compared with the natural, algae-derived form. In response, DSM has strongly defended its ingredient.

Water, only better? AquaBall explodes into healthy hydration market for kids

11-Apr-2014 - Water is boring, soda is off limits, juices are nutrient-packed but sugary, and milk isn’t cool, so what do you put in your kids lunchbox?  

Dewmar’s FDA warning letter a ‘no-brainer’: food and drug attorney

11-Apr-2014 - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning letter to Dewmar International BMC Inc., alleging that despite labeling its Lean Slow Motion…Potion beverage as a dietary supplement, the manufacturer is representing it as a conventional food in its marketing materials. This is the first warning letter issued since the FDA issued its final guidance on liquid dietary supplements in January.

ChromaDex’s new deal with Brazilian Biosciences National Laboratory could lead to ‘rapid commercialization of novel natural products’

10-Apr-2014 - A new agreement between Chromadex and the Brazilian Biosciences National Laboratory (LNBio) to evaluate ChromaDex's natural product libraries could lead to ‘rapid commercialization of novel natural products for food, beverage, cosmetic or pharmaceutical applications’.

Traceability, tell-all genomics and authentication: The new reality for F&B litigation

10-Apr-2014 - Few short answers exist in the world of complex consumer food litigation. Arthur Miller, PhD, principal scientist and engineering and scientific consulting firm Exponent Inc., summed up three key industry trends that have contributed (and likely will continue to impact) today’s environment of greater scrutiny. 

Harkin, Heinrich, and the return of Fabricant: Natural Products Day 2014

10-Apr-2014 - The Natural Products Association held its annual Natural Products Day in Washington, DC, on April 8, with Sen. Tom Harkin and Martin Heinrich addressing the members. The association also named its new CEO. In this gallery, we take you behind the scenes at the NPA's Day on the Hill. 

Torch passed in Senate during NPA lobbying day

10-Apr-2014 - The Natural Products Association lobbying day began with an address from a new advocate for the industry and ended with remarks from one of the industry’s oldest champions.

GNC takes NutraClick’s ProbioSlim into nationwide stores

10-Apr-2014 - Supplement retail giant GNC has picked up the ProbioSlim product from NutraClick, marking a significant success for the Boston, MA-based nutritional products company.

Probiotics, enzymes, and fiber are the ingredient categories to watch for M&A: NCN CEO

10-Apr-2014 - After much consolidation in the fish oil sector, probiotics, enzymes, and fiber could be the ingredient categories to watch moving forward for M&A activity, says the CEO of the Nutrition Capital Network.

Stephen Daniells and Shane Starling from FoodNavigator and NutraIngredients

Food Vision 2014: Bridge knowledge gaps, overcome change and work sustainably

10-Apr-2014 - What is the future of food? Simple communication of complex advances will be crucial, as well as picking up the pace amid a global population boom to feed the world nutritiously and sustainably, according to FoodNavigator and NutraIngredients senior editors.

"It looks like retinoic acid exerts effects on cancer cells in part via the modulation of the epigenome."

Study: Vitamin A form shows breast cancer prevention potential

09-Apr-2014 - A vitamin A form called retinoic acid that is commonly found in sweet potatoes and carrots, can help turn breast cells showing cancerous potential back to a healthy state, researchers have found.