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AlaskOmega launches DHA omega-3 concentrates

A fishing vessel in Alaska. One of the new ingredients is a medium strength DHA alternative to tuna oil derived from wild Alaska Pollock. Image © iStock/fallbrook

Ohio-based Organic Technologies, producer of the AlaskOmega brand of fish oils, omega-3 and omega-7 concentrates, has launched new DHA-rich oils.

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innoVactiv self-affirms GRAS status for InSea2 ingredient

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Spore-based probiotic supplementation may reduce symptoms of ‘leaky gut syndrome’

Turmeric was again the number one selling herbal supplement in the natural and health food outlets channel. Image © iStock/areeya_ann

Ayurvedic herbs’ rise continues as turmeric & ashwagandha post big YOY growth

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Multivitamins, vitamin D & omega-3s most popular supplements for older Americans: Survey


Push toward personalization will create new legal risks to manage, experts say


Ginseng extract may counter alcohol-related depression: Mouse data

Rosemary-daylily combination debuts as cognitive support aid

Rosemary-daylily combination debuts as cognitive support aid


Milk fat globule membranes in infant formula could boost IQ and immunity

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Could an altered microbiome predict Parkinson’s disease risk?

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