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AIDP appointed licensed distributor for HP Ingredients’ Tongkat Ali extract

Tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia) Author: Mokkie

HP Ingredients has announced that AIDP is now a licensed distributor for its patented ingredient, LJ100, a proprietary Tongkat ali extract (Eurycoma Longifolia).

Tongkat ali extract comes from the root of a tree native to Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, and was dubbed the “Asian Viagra” by the New Sunday Times in 1999. Supplements containing the ingredient are often positioned for male libido, energy, weight loss, and sports performance.

According to HP Ingredients, LJ100 is validated by 13 clinical trials that demonstrate safety, mechanisms of action, and efficacy in promoting energy, male virility/sexual health, reproductive health, and a healthy anabolic/catabolic state in men and in women.

“LJ100 is an ingredient that we believe represents the very definition of a healthy aging supplement, and is therefore positioned for superlative growth,” said Annie Eng, CEO of HP Ingredients. “AIDP will be highly effective in expanding the LJ100 brand, its messaging, and will help monitor and protect the market from unlawful use of trademark or Tongkat ali (E. longifolia) claims.”

Mark Thurston, president of AIDP, said: “AIDP is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality science-proven ingredients,” says. “LJ100 is a great addition to our portfolio, as it’s one of the most researched ingredients for the sexual health market.”

LJ100 is protected by US patent #7,132,117 and is certified Kosher and Halal, GMO-free and is self-affirmed GRA, stated HP Ingredients in a press release.

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