DELTA® Case Study: Vitamin K2 MK-7 Stability in Mineral Formulations

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More and more products on the market contain vitamin K2 MK-7, but a market survey has shown that out of 100 products, only 19 of them matched their K2 label claim. The presence of vitamin K2 in many of these products was not what the label on the box was telling consumers.

The reason for this shortfall comes from the different occurring forms of vitamin K2 on the market. The traditionally produced, natural fermented K2 is not resistant enough to remain stable in harsh environments, such as when formulated with calcium and magnesium.

So what can be done when vitamin K2 needs to be formulated with calcium or magnesium? There is a solution.

Kappa Bioscience has developed a new vitamin K2 MK-7 form that has a unique two-layered coating. This microencapsulated K2 MK-7 molecule is named K2VITAL® DELTA, a name which represents a change in the way we formulate K2 products. With its two water-dispersible coatings, DELTA® is much more resistant to harsh environments. With DELTA® vitamin K2 can enjoy the company of calcium and magnesium and still ensure that the product matches its label claim. 


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