Indena and Hyris partner on portable genomic identification of botanicals

Indena and Hyris partner on portable genomic identification of botanicals

Italian botanical ingredient supplier Indena has agreed a strategic cooperation agreement with UK-based biotech Hyris for developing new methods for the genomic identification of botanical species.

The agreement is based on unique sets of reagents for specific DNA sequences (known as bKITs) and the use of a miniaturised, portable device for the analysis of nucleic acids (known as bCUBE).

Indena said the joint development of specific identification methods, which can be used directly on-site at biomass collection sites, adds a pillar to its expertise in the traceability of its supply chain, through genomic identification of plant materials.

The Hyris platform offers the capability to perform full genetic analysis of biological samples in any kind of setting by incorporating all the needed hardware, software and reagents into a small cube that can be used as a fully portable testing laboratory to provide highly accurate results, reducing the time associated with traditional methods.

The system can be controlled by a mobile app, called bAPP, which provides a complete and user-friendly interface that allows the user to download the test protocol required for the desired analysis, check the reaction as it is happening, and receive immediate diagnostic information on the sample being examined.

As part of the strategic cooperation agreement, Indena will also acquire a minority shareholding position in Hyris Ltd, and will hold preferential access to the technology in the botanical derivatives industry.

As such, Indena holds preferential access, exclusive for the dietary supplement ingredient industry, to the ‘breakthrough’ genomic technology for botanical identification, it said.

“Both companies’ approach to quality and innovation fits perfectly in adding value in the most forefront way to better serve clients and partners who look for excellence in the botanical extracts space,” said Daniele Giavini, Indena Managing Director.

“The dietary supplement market and consumers need reassurance regarding the authenticity of the products they consume.”

Stefano Lo Priore, CEO of Hyris said the agreement validates the company’s strategy to build long term relationships with industry leaders in various application sectors of molecular biology.

“We welcome Indena’s decision to make a direct investment in the company as part of this agreement, and look forward providing value to our client in this challenging market segment,” he added.

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