NY Attorney General actions

Marketers of Prevagen charged with making false and unsubstantiated claims by FTC, NY AG

The complaint has been brought by NY AG Eric Schneiderman and the FTC

Quincy Bioscience, marketers of brain health product Prevagen, has been charged with making deceptive memory, cognitive improvement claims by the Federal Trade Commission and New York State Attorney General.

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NBTY to DNA barcode herbal ingredients after agreement with NY AG

Forum explores challenges & opportunities for botanical supplements

Today! Join experts from ABC, GNC, Herbalist & Alchemist & Nature’s Way for the NIU Botanicals Forum

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Trade groups claim victory on Puerto Rican product registration, fee plan

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GNC/AHPA raw materials program nears final review

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Turmeric leads the charge as herbal sales continue to bloom

What’s going on with the NY AG 7?

What’s going on with the NY AG 7?

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NPA says input on Puerto Rican supplement regulation will form part of debt review

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Expert review: ‘DNA barcoding unsuitable as a stand-alone tool for identifying & authenticating botanicals’

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