Mango metabolic promise: Vital Solutions wants to advance human trials

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Vital Solutions Swiss will publish in vitro research that shows its mango powder Careless mimics caloric restriction but the company is keen to invest in human trials, its CEO says.

Speaking to BakeryandSnacks.com at Vitafoods Europe 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland earlier this month, Sybille Buchwald-Werner said the company would advance human trials following feedback from interested companies on what health aspects wanted to be researched.

The in vitro research, set for publication soon, found the mango powder triggered a ‘master switch’ enzyme – SIRT 1 – that detected nutrient intake and communicated that to other enzymes responsible for the glucose and lipid metabolic process, she explained.

“It can be used for two different functions,” she said. The first was to promote a healthier diet by controlling body weight and composition but it could also be used to maintain health during ageing, she said.

Human trial will advance hope of European health claim

“Now we will publish our in vitro essays, and we’re also using the time to get in contact with potential clients to discuss what we’ve done and streamline the further scientific program and to have parameters which are really interesting for our customers tested in a human trial,” Buchwald-Werner said

For now, manufacturers in Europe can make nutritional claims with the mango powder as it was high in fiber, she said. But, following human trials the company could file a dossier with the European Food Safety Authority (ESFA) to receive a health claim.

Processing focus for nutritional punch

The CEO said that what was special about its patented mango powder was the processing.

Vital Solutions Swiss processed the powder at a very specific stage of fruit ripening, she explained, because as the fruit ripens it loses the health effects of certain ingredients.

She said the powder was ideal for incorporation into cereal or cereal bar binding ingredients as this would ensure stability and good dosage distribution throughout the product.

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