Resveratrol-calcium fructoborate combination may benefit angina patients

Resveratrol-calcium fructoborate combination may benefit angina patients

A combination of resveratrol and calcium fructoborate may improve markers of inflammation and heart muscle function in angina benefits, says a new study from Romania.

Supplements of only calcium fructoborate, a nature identical plant mineral complex produced by Illinois-based VDF Futureceuticals, was associated with the greatest reductions in levels of the inflammatory marker, C-reactive protein (CRP), of 39.7%, report the researchers in Nutrition.

The combination supplement reduced CRP levels by 30%, while resveratrol alone decreased CRP levels by 25%, compared to levels measured at the start of the study. The control group experienced CRP reductions of about 10%, report researchers led by Romulus Scorei from the University of Craiova.

“The combination of resveratrol and calcium fructoborate has beneficial effects in subjects with stable angina pectoris and the outcome of this study supports the use of these products as dietary supplements for improving quality of life,” wrote the researchers.

“This trial is a starting point for studying the action of a resveratrol and calcium fructoborate mixture in patients with stable angina.”

Study details

For the randomized, double-blind, active-controlled, parallel clinical trial, the Romanian researchers recruited 166 people, and 87 completed the 60-day study. Participants received resveratrol alone (trans-resveratrol 10.0 mg), calcium fructoborate only (112 milligrams providing 3.0 milligrams per day of boron), or a combination of both.

CRP levels, N-terminal prohormone of brain natriuretic peptide (pro-BNP, a marker of left ventricular function), and cholesterol and other blood lipid markers were measured. In addition, quality of life (QoL) was assessed using the Canadian Cardiovascular Society angina class.

Results indicated that levels of pro-BNP were reduced the most in the combination supplement (65.5%), compared with 59.7% in the resveratrol group, and 52.6% in the calcium fructoborate group.

Cholesterol levels showed slight changes from baseline values in all groups, said the researchers.

The combination supplement was also associated with the best improvements in the quality of life scores.

“In the present study, CRP and pro-BNP showed significant changes in a relatively short time (2 months),” wrote the researchers.

“This finding opens new directions of research regarding the use of natural adjuvants (calcium fructoborate plus resveratrol) for improving the standard antianginal therapies.”


Dr Scorei has published the majority of published research on fructoborate. This study was supported by Natural Research, Ltd. (Romania).

The mineral complex - marketed as FruiteX-B and manufactured exclusively by VDF Futureceuticals under US patent #5,962,049 - contains boron, calcium and fructose.

John Hunter, general manager of FutureCeuticals, said the study “reaffirms earlier reports of calcium fructoborate's important attributes for cardiovascular health and healthy inflammatory response and provides important clues in terms of why it has performed so well in the past.

“Inflammation has recently been associated with a number of human health conditions and may indeed be a primary factor in quality of life as we age. Knowing that calcium fructoborate exerts a significant effect on well-recognized, diagnostic markers of inflammation greatly expands its potential use in diverse nutritional supplement products."

Source: Nutrition
Published online ahead of print, doi: 10.1016/j.nut.2012.07.006
“Oral resveratrol and calcium fructoborate supplementation in subjects with stable angina pectoris: Effects on lipid profiles, inflammation markers, and quality of life”
Authors: C. Militaru, I. Donoiu, A. Craciun, I. Daria Scorei, A.M. Bulearca, R.I. Scorei

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