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Gummy vitamin market still has ‘great’ potential: Pharmavite

"The gummy form continues to be a growth opportunity,” said Doug Jones, Pharmavite’s corporate communications and public relations manager.

In the continued effort to appeal to consumers loathe to swallow pills every day, supplement manufacturers have ventured into everything from melts and powders to confectionery-type supplement forms such as chews and gum. A few years into its foray into gummy vitamins, Pharmavite still sees room to expand its Nature Made gummies line—which has grown from one to 10 products in just two years. 

“A trend we have seen continue over time is that consumers are searching for alternative delivery forms within the VMS category that provide a more satisfying sensory experience as it relates to taste, color and texture,” Doug Jones, Pharmavite’s corporate communications and public relations manager, told NutraIngredients-USA, noting that the gummy market is far from played out. “We have seen great growth potential in the gummy vitamin market, and the gummy form continues to be a growth opportunity.”

Pharmavite cut its teeth on gummies in 2012 with the launch of Nature Made adult gummies in all-natural fruit flavors such as peach, cherry, orange and mango. A year later, it expanded the offerings with three distinct line extensions. Today, the line features 10 products: a multivitamin, fish oil, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin D, B-complex, CoQ10, energy B12 (recommended for vegetarians and vegans and those 50 and over), multi + omega-3, and immune complex with zinc.

Because nutrients are absorbed by the body in the same manner regardless of the delivery form, Jones said, “the key for the manufacturer is to test the product to insure that it is making the label claim.”

Given the success of gummies, the firm has also diversified its portfolio to include VitaMelts, a supplements line that melts in the mouth without water. Recent additions include VitaMelts multi, formulated with 12 vitamins to support daily nutrition for both men and women; and VitaMelts hair, skin & nails, formulated with 2500 mcg of biotin and 60 mg of vitamin C for healthy hair, skin and nails and to support collagen production.

Beyond finding innovative delivery formats, the expansion into gummies and melts has more been an effort to improve the vitamin experience for customers, making the concept of daily intake a bit easier to, ahem, swallow.  

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