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Amway notches $11.8 billion in sales in 2014

Last updated on 10-Feb-2014 at 15:45 GMT2014-02-10T15:45:31Z - By Hank Schultz
Amway notches $11.8 billion in sales in 2014
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Amway, the world’s largest network marketing company, reported $11.8 billion in sales, a 4.4% growth over the $11.3 billion in sales the company notched in 2012.

Amway, a privately-held company, derives the majority of its revenue from the sales of nutritional products through its direct sales network. Leading sellers under the Nutralite brand name in the sports nutrition category include protein powder and its line of Double/Triple X supplements. Other key categories for the company include healthy aging, weight management and beauty from within. The company also has extensive lines of cosmetics and home products, though these trail nutritionals in sales.

Like some other network marketing companies with long lines of nutritional products, Amway has worked in recent years to increase its in house capabilities.  The company is in the midst of a $375 million global investment in manufacturing and R&D. The expansion includes facilities being built in Washington, California and Michigan in the United States, as well as a site in India and R&D facilities in China and South Korea.  Manufacturing sites in Vietnam and China are planned as part of the expansion as well. 

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