Could coffee polyphenols improve sleep and energy metabolism in obese people?

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Chlorogenic acids – the most abundant polyphenols in coffee – may help people fall asleep and boost fat burning during sleep, suggests a new study from Japan.

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Strawberry, cranberry polyphenols may improve insulin sensitivity in select populations

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Polyphenol pills counter inflammation in women on hormonal contraceptives: RCT

Higher flavonoid intake is associated with an attenuated rate of cognitive decline over a 10-year period in healthy adults. ©iStock

Flavonoid-rich blueberries have a brain boosting role, say researchers

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Microbiota may determine if pomegranate extracts are beneficial or not

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Meta-analysis supports tea’s link to stronger bones

Resveratrol is a natural polyphenol mainly found in grapes, leading to its high concentration in wine. Additional sources include peanuts and cranberries. ©iStock

Resveratrol’s role in eye protection implied as metabolites cross blood barriers

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Study supports efficacy of HolisFiit polyphenol-rich formulation for 'mind and body well-being'

Nobiletin is found in orange, lemon, and other citrus fruits.

Citrus compound protects against effects of high-fat diet, study from Korea and Japan reports

ChromaDex posts sales rise amid continued losses, sluggish stock price

ChromaDex posts sales rise amid continued losses, sluggish stock price

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