SOSENSE Miso Powder, the new salt and MSG replacement

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Reducing salt while maintaining taste is one of the food industry’s biggest challenges.

SoSense Miso Powder is a completely natural solution delivering 50-100% salt and MSG replacement while enhancing flavour.

Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning, obtained from soy and rice fermentation thanks to Aspergillus oryzae.

SOSENSE MISO powder can be used in almost any food application where salt and/or MSG is currently used: in breads, ready meals, snacks, soups, sauces, seasonings and coatings, and as a direct salt replacement by caterers and chefs.

Sosense Miso enables to obtain a clean label, an effective salt reduction while enhancing flvour

SoSense Miso Powder is distributed by Faravelli Group in Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and US. 


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