Natural dairy drink based on enriched egg yolk improves sharpness of vision in long term clinical study

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A recently published long term study shows that daily consumption of a natural egg-dairy drink high in protein significantly improves visual acuity and both plasma and macular concentrations in elderly subjects with normal signs of ageing in the eyes. This all natural dairy drink is based on egg yolk enriched in lutein, zeaxanthin and DHA via the feed of laying hens. Interestingly, bioavailability of lutein is shown to be five times higher from eggs than from lutein supplements.

The natural beverage is supported by results from several clinical studies on eye health including over 500 participants. This June, an international multicenter study carried out in leading eye centers has been completed. The results from this clinical study along with results obtained in earlier performed research will be used for filing health claims worldwide.

Newtricious, a Dutch life sciences company that develops clinically proven, 100% natural ingredients and nutrition for cognition, heart health and eye health, is the producer of this egg-dairy drink called MacuView®.
Newtricious is aiming for strategic partnerships with commercial partners for Marketing & Sales of Newtricious’ unique products.


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